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Watermelon is amazing.

“ You should not
have to rip yourself
into pieces to keep
others whole. ”


i am seeing less and less of you (via pukin)

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530+ Followers/Just Because Gift!

15 individual accessory tattoos. As usual they can be found in the gloves section of CAS, are enabled for both genders, all outfits, and have a custom thumbnail.

Please let me know if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions! ♥

[ download ]

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So THE WALES LEGACY, will be on hold until further notice…


… Unfortunately I wont have my laptop for the next month or so… So I wont be able to play the Sims… Therefore no Wales Legacy…

Im gonna miss them …


Oh noooo :( I’d go crazy! 

I’m waiting for my camera battery to charge…

So I can take some pics of the new products I’ve made over the past few weeks. 

Getting them on the website… now that is the hard part. 

I have a headache.

My sinuses can go to hell. 


Omg. That is so fucking adorable.

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*grabby hands* me waaaaaant!

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I’ve had creative block for about a week now…

:( Not really a good thing to have when you’re a self employed jewelry artist.


I feel like crap. 


We come to it at last

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Gaming/Geeky Shirts

I made these for personal use since Jack joined the video game career, I felt he needed some shirts for work. So, they aren’t perfect but I thought I’d share them anyway coz I’m such a generous bastard. Shirts are recolourable, stencils are not. As with all non recolourable stencils, some shirt colours look better than others.


Redbubble & Lookhuman for the images.


Please don’t reupload or claim as your own :)

Download: Mega

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I’ve been like 10 times more hungry since I started doing the physical therapy exercises every day.