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Musings of one complicated person


um… is anyone else having problems scrolling through tumblr?


My game just had some kind of glitch.
I tried to go into buy mode and only half of it showed up. I could still move the mouse around and move through my house.
The mouse was just a loading circle the whole time. And I couldn’t click any of the buttons.
I even tried pushing all the short cut keys. That didn’t work.
It was like my game was stuck inbetween live mode and buy mode.

I hadn’t saved in forever.
Has this happened to anyone else? I can’t find any solutions online.
I hope its just a one time glitch… :(


ILYFS Maternity Enabled Dresses Pt1

There are more coming, I have to fix some issues but I know this set works! I have enabled some more of ILikeYourFaceSims’ dresses for maternity. I take no credit for the dress itself, or the meshes, just for adding the morph. They have been compressed. Package files only.

Known Issues: Sometimes from certain angles, the bump can look a little ‘blocky’. I’m not sure if this is the mesh, the morph, the pattern, or just EA. However, they generally look fine.

TOU: Ugh, please don’t break them again would be a start? Don’t reupload, claim as your own, put them on paysites. This is more for the benefit of ILikeYourFaceSims’ hard work for creating them in the first place.

Download Smock Dresses: Mega

Download Aztec Midi: Mega

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At 7pm I was like, “Simming mood! YES!”. 6hours later, and I’m still in CAS.





always, aha

literally me

LMAO this is me!

It’s a boy!! (Chloe’s not gonna be happy lol)

I named him Luke. I could not think of a name to save my life… so I let my hubby pick a name. :) 

I was taking a baby bump pic… and then like 5 seconds later she started going into labor. hahaha. 

It’s baby time!!!!!! :D 

These 2 are so freakin adorable.. 

They just start spontaneously making out just about anywhere… 

Also there’s Adrian looking angry in his playpen haha. 

Currently frustrated beyond belief…

Doubting myself.
And feeling like shit in general.
Oh yay.





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This is so important!

I never know what to ask and end up looking like a fool cause I don’t have a question prepared.

Don’t be me.

yeah, after that barnes and noble interview im realizing that you look dumb and not serious if you dont have any questions to ask them when they ask about it.

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I was curious to see if the baby bump was still there when sims are naked. (I’m new to the decensor mod) 

Nicholas and Charissa being adorable. <3