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Available for all ages the hair was released for originally. Disabled for random. Cloned. Compressed. Custom Thumbnails. 

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The Sims 4: EA Announces Ghosts, Eye Colors, Costumes, Pools and Careers! All for FREE!

During an EA conference call this morning, The Sims team officially announced they will begin delivering brand new game content/features via free Sims 4 patches. The first game update will be hitting your games today!
Along with this official announcement, EA also provided us with some exclusive images of some of the upcoming content. The formal announcement is coming from the team later today on the Twitch Broadcast.

• Ghosts (October 1st)

• Star Wars Costumes (October 1st)

• New Gnome (October 1st)

• New Eye Colors (October 1st)

• Pools (November 2014)

• Careers (November 2014)

Good news! :) I’m glad they did tgis at least. Hopefully toddlers are next! :)

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I am grateful for that $7.70 though.

I get to wrap a friend’s beautiful stones from all the way in Iceland.

When Wentworth Miller is in your dreams…

*sigh* I didn’t wanna wake up.

"Please, Kara, it’s alright." said Josiah gently, before he could stop himself he reached out and stroked her cheek softly. 

That was the moment Kara lost all control, she decided he must feel something for her also, she decided she didn’t care what her mother would say, she decided that she wanted this man, and if he wanted her too, then she was his. She leaned into his arms and she kissed him. 

Josiah was startled, then overjoyed, he quickly returned her kiss.

He stood back, held her petite hands, and said. “I’ve wanted to do that for so long…” 

The look in her eyes told him that she had felt the same, he pulled ger into a warm embrace and held her. 

"You are so beautiful." he murmured against her neck. 

Kara felt as if her heart was melting. 

Then, the blissful moment was interrupted when she heard her mother calling her name. Knowing that this was not the right time to break the news to her mother. Kara pulled away from Josiah. 

"We can’t tell her yet. She’s so excited about my birthday party, I don’t want to ruin that for her."

"I understand." said Josiah. "I’ll go."

He turned on the water for the tub and started filling it up. 

Then turned and walked out the door. 

"Miss Kara is about to take a bath ma’am." He told Shirley. "I’ve just finished cleaning the tub." 

"Ah," said Shirley, "Well I guess the decorations will have to wait. Do you have everything you need to make her cake?"

"Yes ma’am." answered Josiah. 

"Perfect, be sure that it’s done on time. I will not have our guests waiting. Everything must go as planned." 

"Of course ma’am." Josiah smiled. "Goodnight ma’am."

Shirley nodded in his direction. “Goodnight.”

Kara wanted a hot bath before bed so she walked into her bathroom and was shocked to find a very naked Josiah occupying her tub. 

"Oh my god… I, I’m so sorry!" She exclaimed trying desperately to compose herself and avert her eyes from his burly arms and chiseled chest.  

Josiah quickly jumped out of the tub and tried to throw some clothes on. 

"No ma’am, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been using your tub. I was just cleaning it and thought maybe I could clean myself at the same time." 

"I understand, please don’t apologize! I should have knocked…" said Kara hoping her cheeks didn’t look as flushed as they felt. 

Dat ass though…Damn.

This is Kara’s father btw…. 

The reason he’s not in many screen shots…. you can clearly see. 

He’s glitched. I have tried everything I know how lol. I cannot get this purple shit off his face without totally starting over on his features.

I didn’t want to do that so he’s stuck like that lol. 


I’ve never seen this before. It’s called the Hero Pose on a horse. :D


Shirley has tea with an eligible bachelor in hopes that he will start courting Kara. I think his name is Nolan? 

I imagine their conversation going something like this… based on the speech bubbles lol.

"Kara thinks she knows what she wants in a man but she has no idea what she needs Nolan, she doesn’t need some muscular hunk of a man, she need someone stable and put together, she doesn’t need love, she needs someone with a good job and a steady income to take care of her and give her handsome sons and beautiful daughter." 

"Well  Ma’am, I have all of those things. Along with a respectable family and a house of my own. If your daughter is as beautiful as you say then I would be very interested in meeting her." 

"Perfect! You will adore my Kara, she’s a beauty for sure. Her birthday is coming up soon, I will throw her a party and you can meet her then."

"Looking forward to it Mrs. McDowell." 


This is Kara’s boss. He’s quite an interesting man. 

He invited her to his party, the dress code was swimwear. But he doesn’t have a pool lmao. 

Luckily Josiah was there too. He knew one of the ladies at the party. 

Kara ignored the pangs of jealously she felt seeing him talking to the other ladies. But she did end up talking with him before the party was over. ;)

Kara relaxed in the bath tub… 

She felt wistful and couldn’t quite understand why… 

She had enjoyed her dinner with Josiah immensely. If only it were possible to spend time with him more often. He co-workers and friends were great, but there was just something special about Josiah. He was so intelligent, sweet, and God he was handsome. He made her laugh and made her pay attention to the little things like the shape of a cloud in the sky or the way a bird was chirping. She wished she could spend every waking moment with him.

But unfortunately, Kara knew her mother would never allow it.