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Musings of one complicated person


I’m eating raisins for a sugar fix.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

Legacy family update!!!

Adrian has aged up into a child. And he’s quite a handsome little fellow!

Gave a makeover to Chloe.

Baby Luke is doing well. Chloe despises him though. ;) She likes to pretend he doesn’t exist and refers to him as “that thing” or “it”.

Charissa and Nicholas are hoping moving to Sunlit Tides will give her something new to focus on!

Julie is loving Sunlit Tides, It took me 2 days to decorate their house! It’s huge. But I LOVE it!

The last pic is them all enjoying their new pool! Minus baby Luke of course lol

Second trip to France. :) Got to see the Egyptian gnome in the museum lol. My game froze during her trip :\ So I have to play it over again but Oh well. :) 

Jen goes to her friend’s dinner party.

Meets some new people.

Enjoys some lovely mac and cheese and waffles. LMAO.

Helps her friend wash the dishes. I thought that was really cool. :)

She arrives at his house and does some “juiced” make outs lol.

Which he was very receptive to.

They enjoyed a nice whoo hoo.

Jennifer’s hygiene was like in the red lol so I had her get up and take a bath. Her face was priceless. I think she’s feeling a bit unsure of herself.

I can’t remember the guy’s name but he is quite handsome lol.

Back home in Monte Vista!

She throws a pool party.

Got very flirty with this one guy until he decided to leave….

So with the one person left at her party she decides to get “juiced”

Then she makes a trip over to this guys house.

LOOK where he lives.


Um…… Jennifer… I’m pretty sure that’s not how you’re supposed to open that hidden door.


Shots from Jennifer’s first trip to France!!!

Also… I have never seen that french gnome before. I laughed my ass off. 

It’s so fucking cute.

This crazy lady brought her TODDLER to a casino.


And she totally ignores him while he’s screaming and crying about being hungry and having a dirty diaper.

Mom of the year award.


A zombie is playing poker.

A zombie.

I love The Sims 3. :D

A day in the life of Jennifer. :P Men falling all over her, and her not caring.

My ear is slowly starting to feel better.

YAY! Maybe now I can get back on track with exercise.
If I can find my motivation somewhere…. lol.

Shirley came across them playing chess together and became quite angry. 

She dragged Josiah downstairs and proceeded to accuse him of impropriety with her daughter and scold him for slacking on the job. 

Kara immediately starts arguing with her mother, defending Josiah, saying that she asked him to play chess with her, that he did nothing wrong. 

Shirley wants to hear none of it and proceeds to yell at her daughter next, accusing her of impropriety and threatening to cut her off financially. Which upsets Josiah tremendously. 

He interrupts and tries to deflect Shirley’s anger back to him. Which worked a little too well because she slapped him. Twice. lol

Kara is upset by this and just walks away, probably to go speak to her father. 

Josiah after getting over the shock of being slapped, proceeds to apologize to Shirley promises he’ll stay away from Kara. 

This seems to appease Shirley slightly. But her relationship level with Josiah is at “disliked”.

Kara and Josiah’s first interactions together. lol

They both get the attractive company moodlet every time they’re in the same room together. :D

My current household on my laptop. :) 

This is Kara McDowell. Her and her family live in the gorgeous town of Roaring Heights. Her Father William, whom she adores, is a wealthy business man, and her mother Shirley, she suspects, just married her father for the money. Her relationship with her mother is rocky to say the least. Especially since she’s been away at prep school since she was a child. 

Now that she’s a young adult she’s come back to Roaring Heights and moved back in with her parents and her beloved horse Indigo. 

Her parents have hired a new butler since Kara has been away, so she hasn’t met the new one yet. 

His name is Josiah Nowak and he has seen pictures of the young girl that used to live in the mansion but thought nothing of them, he figured if she’s anything like her mother then she’s horrendous. 

I’m sure you can guess my plan for this family. ;)