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Culinary graduate and proud wife is my current title, not really sure what I want to do with my life at this point, but this just the beginning of a beautiful life. feel free to ask me anything via Tumblr :) I'm here for questions about me, questions about life, or anything else. :) @namespace url(;

Ask me anything :) I'm an honest person. Also if you want advice for anything I'm a really good listener :) I'll do my best to help and answer your questions.


New pics :) the darker blue/green ones are close up pics of the look I did in my last tutorial :) 

Eyeshadow = Glittersniffer Cosmetics :) 

Base - Nyx jumbo eye pencil

Glitter - Nyx glitter mania in blue and silver 

Glitter eyeliner - Nyx glitter eyeliner in blue and silver 

Highlight - Madd Style Cosmetics’ Sparkle motion :)

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