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Musings of one complicated person



my favorite activity is pretending that i can sing

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Lady Antebellum - Heart Of The World

If grease is the soul of the kitchen
And coffee the drink of the Gods
Routine too perfect to mention
Time is a thief I would rob
We’re meant to be baby hold onto me
I’ll never not be your girl
'Cause love is the heart of the world

Oh, and hope is the soul of the dreamer
And heaven is the home of my God
It only takes one true believer
To believe you can still beat the odds

Full song here

I have pizza.

My heart is happy. 

This is how I clean apparently…

Browse the internet for an hour… 

Think to myself… “I really should be cleaning up…”

Turn on some music… 

Then turn it back off and edit a youtube video… 

Upload said video… 

Browse again for like 20 minutes… 

Look around at my surroundings and remember that I’m supposed to be cleaning…

Turn music back on and go clean… 

Finish one thing and go back to browsing the internet. 


And that’s what I’m doing now… 

Like a moron. 

What time of the day do you do the most blogging?

Also on the subject of tanning…

Sometimes there’s people that genuinely LIKE being pale… not every one wants to be Malibu barbie. >.< I don’t care that I’m pale… I’m proud of my Irish skin! :)

Cosmetic companies should really embrace this and realize this…  they should stop putting everyone in a small range. Especially the big convenience store brands like maybelline, revlon, loreal… etc… The ranges are way too small when it comes to the paler shades… Classic Ivory and Ivory aren’t every pale girl in the world. >.< 

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There’s an E missing? LOL Um, nope lol, don’t even know what it is. 

See? :D Success! Froggy is full! And all my clothes are off the floor. :D Now to go get him to throw up into the washing machine… 


Wishing I was falling asleep in his arms


Oh lol..

SO I’ve been playing the Sims Life Stories a lot lately… 

And last week I sunk to a new low lol. 

I made…

yes… you guessed it…

The Orange Lips Family. 

Now watching Hansel and Gretel