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Musings of one complicated person


If you like Orange is the New Black then check out this gorgeous eyeshadow collection that Darling Girl Cosmetics is coming out with!


I want to try these so bad!!! 

(Source: sarahgracebeauty, via iliveforfashionandbeauty)

I’m editing pics for a blog post….

I just wanted to take a second and share this STUNNING eye shadow with everyone. 

Just. look.


I seriously cannot wait to put this color on my eye lids. 

I might just slap it all over my whole face too… lol.

It’s just SO PRETTTYYYY!!! 

Oh it’s My Pretty Zombie’s eye shadow in Infirmity in case anyone wants to go buy it. ;) 

Full review and more pics of the other stunning eyeshadows I got from them will be up on my blog in a few days. 

enlightenedlylovesick this is the color I was so excited about yesterday lol. 


Love that idea! :D

It really just warms my heart and makes my heart flutter when people love my work and share it!


Playing with #makeup :P

My look book :) 

I entered a pin up girl makeup contest. :D

these are some of the photos I used. :) 

Check out my makeup blog for more posts like this! :)

Want to learn to do this? :)

 Check out my makeup blog! :) ^^^^

:) collage of purple 

sneak peek at my latest post on my makeup blog :) for more follow


Sooo… I’m kind of proud of this <3 


See more photos here. <3 Follow while you’re at it pleeaaassse. :)