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Musings of one complicated person



Love that idea! :D

It really just warms my heart and makes my heart flutter when people love my work and share it!


Playing with #makeup :P

My look book :) 

I entered a pin up girl makeup contest. :D

these are some of the photos I used. :) 

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Want to learn to do this? :)

 Check out my makeup blog! :) ^^^^

:) collage of purple 

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Sooo… I’m kind of proud of this <3 


See more photos here. <3 Follow while you’re at it pleeaaassse. :) 


Ohhh Saraaahhhhhh do this do thiss!!!!!

LOL I suck at doing eye liner :P but I could probably do it with pigments. :D who knows… hmmmmm…. 

(via enlightenedlylovesick)

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Swatches from Glittersniffer Cosmetics :)

I talk about the stuff I got in this video.